Monday, February 23, 2015

What is the best time to book your flights?

We all want to save as much money as we can when we travel, right?  It can get expensive, especially if you are traveling with a large family like mine.  There are 6 of us, so unless we can find a good price, we are usually driving wherever we will be vacationing.

However, there are a few little tricks to getting the best prices on your airfare.  It's actually best to buy on the weekends (Saturday & Sunday).  I know some of us may count Friday as the weekend, but in this case, don't.  Prices are higher on Fridays.  You can actually save an average of $60 by purchasing your ticket on a Sunday instead of a Tuesday.  The prices are normally highest on Monday, Tuesday and Friday.

So what about the best day to fly to get the best deal?  Well, the best day to fly for the cheapest price is Tuesday because less people fly on Tuesdays.  Friday & Sunday are the most expensive days to fly.  As far as time of the day goes, flying at off times is definitely gonna save you some cash.  It sucks flying at 4am, but if you want to save a pretty penny...then do it!  The first flight of the day, the red-eye or lunch and dinner time flights are the cheapest.

Now if you are under the impression that booking your flight wayyyy in advance is going to save you money, it may not.  Usually booking over 3 months out is going to cost you more.  Wait and book within 3 months of your trip.  Normally, six weeks before your trip is your best bet.

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